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Hey there! My name is Chitra, and I'm the creator of the TwitterGetsFitter movement. Since November 2016, I’ve been sharing stories and ideas with my incredible fitness buddies and followers on Instagram & YouTube. What started out as a creative outlet and personal passion project has quickly become my full-time job, complete with regular video releases and updates.

My fitness journey started quite by chance. It was 45 days until 31st Dec 2016, and I wanted to get myself in shape for all the NYE festivities. But like most people, my dedication wasn't the best. I needed a buddy, someone who would make sure I stuck to my workouts, while I did the same for them. So I tweeted to my followers, asking if anyone was up for a workout buddy. Within hours, I had dozens of people sign up. And that's how TwitterGetsFitter was born.

The name, though catchy, can be a little misleading though. We are no longer restricted to Twitter. In fact, we also connect on Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and e-mail. Because that's what the movement is all about -- using social media to actually help us get healthier!

Now I try to stick to my fitness journey, while forever cheering on those who join me. More importantly, I advocate healthy eating and a healthy body image. Because being healthy is about a lot more than a dress size!

Come join me, and a group of over 200 (and growing!) incredible people, as we push ourselves and each other, to be a little bit better tomorrow than we were yesterday.

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TwitterGetsFitter aims to stay free (and ad-free) and takes me hundreds of hours a month to research and write, and thousands of rupees to sustain.

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