Be More Active At Work

Did you start the year with a bunch of New Year's resolutions? Was "getting fitter" one of them? If you answered Yes, you've got a lot in common with about 95% of the world's population! And well, if most of those resolutions have gone unaddressed so far, you've still got something in common with probably 75% of the world.

But here's where you're different from the rest of them -- by signing up for TwitterGetsFitter, you've proven that you do take your health seriously, and you want to make a change. And while there will be people who think that October is too late in the year to make any real difference, I'm here to help you prove those naysayers wrong!

So from today until the end of the year, you, me, and over 1000 other amazing, dedicated people are going to take steps to get healthier. Now let me tell you, I'm not promising you six-pack abs or a JLo booty with this program. This isn't about that. It's about getting you feeling healthier and stronger, and loving and accepting your body for what it's capable of, not what it looks like.

You with me so far? Awesome! Today we're starting off simple. Walk with me. No seriously, focus on walking around. We're all guilty of sitting at our desks for hours on end, and it's probably one of our deadliest (yes!) habits. Here's a quick checklist to help you move more!

Be More Active At Work

Set Reminders On Your Phone -- To drink water, to walk around the floor, whatever. Our smartphones are packed with handy little features that can make our lives so much easier, why not use them? There are apps that'll remind you to drink water, too! Let technology work for you.

Take The Stairs -- I have seen literally hundreds of people who take the elevator even to go up or down a single floor! And these are young, seemingly healthy people -- at the very least, they didn't appear to have any sort of joint or limb injuries that would make climbing a single flight of stairs a problem. Don't be like those guys. As far as possible, take the stairs. For the average age group of this tribe, excluding anyone with knee injuries and the like, taking the stairs for anywhere between 1 and 4 floors is totally doable. In fact, I know someone who takes the stairs up to her 18th floor office every day!

Stay Active At Work | Take The Stairs | TwitterGetsFitter

Use The Washroom On A Different Floor -- I imagine this probably sounds silly to a lot of you. But honestly, it's a super-simple, and very effective way to get yourself moving. Presuming of course, your workplace is spread across more than one floor (or you can access other floors freely), simply start using washrooms on different floors through the day. If, like me, you're always chugging water, that means you're probably peeing at least every 90 min. Just take the stairs to a washroom on another floor, and make all that hydration worth it!

Walk And Talk -- Did you know that the reason we tend to walk around or fidget when on a phone call is because our brain is confused that it can't see the source of the sound. Our body moves to compensate for the lack of sensory input. Well, it works to our advantage, because that gives our joints and blood circulation a little relief from long periods of sitting. So take that phone call around the block! In fact, make short work discussions an on-the-move thing as well. This way you get more activity, and participants are less likely to dilly-dally or stray from the subject if they know the meeting is turning into exercise! Win-win!

Walk On A Phone Call | Stay Active At Work | TwitterGetsFitter

There you have it. 4 super-easy ways to be more active at work, and take little steps towards a healthier you.

How many of these do you do? :-D


Many thanks to Protima for being my demo model, and to WeWork At Galaxy for allowing us to shoot at their gorgeous space!

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