Trying The Keto Diet!

If you've been a part of the TwitterGetsFitter tribe, you know that I take my role as Head Cheerleader and Trainer very seriously. Workouts are not shared until I've tried them myself, and diet plans are not recommended willy-nilly without a nutritionist's advice. So when a lot of my participants started asking about the Keto diet, there was only one thing for me to do -- try it myself!

Trying The Keto Diet | TwitterGetsFitter

I started off by going the homemade route -- plenty of butter-fried chicken, spinach, mushroom, coffee with heavy cream, the works! And while it was delicious, I still wasn't certain I was doing it right. After all, internet information isn't always reliable, and I'm no expert at calculating nutritional content on my food.

Lucky for me, the wonderful people at Grow Fit offered to step in and make my journey easier. So from now until the end of November, I will be on a specially crafted low-carb meal plan that they've designed for me. The program I'm on is called the Lean Machine diet, and it's their flagship meal service. Low carb, high fat, and most importantly, high flavour! I've only been on it a day, and so far, the food has been genuinely delicious. I mean, what "diet" ever gives you pizza?! And dessert?!

Grow Fit Lean Machine Lunch | TwitterGetsFitter

Over the next 6 weeks, I'm going to be updating what I'm eating, how I'm feeling, and whether or not I'm losing weight/getting fitter, etc. Daily updates and pictures of what I'm eating (you're going to want to see those!) will be on my Instagram -- don't forget to view the Stories, too!

Detailed updates and my experiences through each week will be up on my personal blog, so you should follow me there! I also write about other fun stuff there, so I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

In the meantime, have a safe, healthy & happy Diwali. And show me some love on social media as I live the #LowCarbLife. <3

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