TwitterGetsFitter - One Year Later

15th November 2016 -- the date will forever hold incredible value for me. After all, that was the day that one single tweet changed my life. That was the day TwitterGetsFitter was born.

In the year since, the tribe has grown from a mere 15 participants to over 400, and there are more signing up each day. With every day, we have gotten stronger, healthier, and happier.

TwitterGetsFitter | One Year Anniversary

And today, as we complete a year, I find myself at an unusual loss for words. I am overwhelmed, I am grateful, I am proud. Proud of each and every person who trusted me to help them, and never quit on me. Proud of myself, for managing to keep this movement going for a year.

We're all different people from when we started out a year ago, and I don't just mean physically. I have watched people become more confident, more comfortable with their own bodies, and learn to appreciate food and life. I have seen people go from "I ate a pizza, I'm a horrible person" to "Damn right I ate a pizza, and it was awesome!"

Because that's what true fitness is about. It's a relationship with your body, not your mirror. It's about being healthy, and happy, and strong. No matter what that looks like!

But let's not forget, there ARE physical changes involved too. Take a gander at a couple of transformations this group has witnessed!

Meet Meg, aka @cityslicker_me on Twitter.

Transformation | Fitness Progress | TwitterGetsFitter

Say hello to Samir. He's on Instagram as @diwansamir

Oh hello, Samarpita! Find her on Twitter as @BookLuster.

And let's not miss Mr. @Brewkenstein himself, Aditya!

Transformation | Brewkenstein | Fitness Progress

And ohmigod, let's not miss Lady @FieryBull herself, Sangeeta.

FieryBull | Fitness Transformation | TwitterGetsFitter

And of course, Shweta @DsilvaStar!

And yes, I'm here too!

Bellyrina | TwitterGetsFitter | Fitness Blogger

And there you have it, folks. The power of one year!

But you know what's even better than the transformations you see above? It's the friendships we've forged over the past year. We're not just a WhatsApp group or an email list -- we're a family. We're a tribe.

Want to join the tribe? Want to get fit in time for 2018? I can help. :) Leave me a comment, or email me to get started on your own fitness journey!

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